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Vegetative development constitutes a critical phase in plant development, and it is regulated by an evolutionarily conserved miR156‐SPL pathway. Previous studies have shown that miR159 acts to prev Ubiquitinated. AFP1, KEG and RPN10 mediate its proteasome-dependent degradation. Its stability or degradation plays a central role in abscisic acid response. Sumoylated at Lys-391 by SIZ1. Sumoylation protects ABI5 from proteasome degradation, attenuating ABA signaling and sensitivity to ABA. 1 Publication Plants silencing ABI5 exhibit low fertility rate due to abnormal development of mature pollen. Plants silencing ABI5 display increased tolerance to salt stress.


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Responsible for reducing cadmium uptake, mediated by interaction with MYB49 . Other Gene Models Analyses of ABI5 expression provide evidence for ABA regulation, cross-regulation by other ABI genes, and possibly autoregulation. Comparison of seed and ABA-inducible vegetative gene expression in wild-type and abi5-1 plants indicates that ABI5 regulates a subset of late embryogenesis–abundant genes during both developmental stages. Se hela listan på frontiersin.org ABA INSENSITIVE 5 (ABI5) is a basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor which acts in the abscisic acid (ABA) network and is activated in response to abiotic stresses. However, the precise role of barley (Hordeum vulgare) ABI5 in ABA signaling and its function under stress remains elusive. Here, we show that HvABI5 is involved in ABA-dependent regulation of barley response to drought Using transcriptomes of developing Mt-abi5 seeds, we created a gene coexpression network and revealed ABI5 as a regulator of gene modules with functions related to raffinose family oligosaccharide ([RFO][1]) metabolism, late embryogenesis abundant ([LEA][2]) proteins, and photosynthesis-associated nuclear genes (PhANGs).

The abscisic acid signal is reported to delay flowering by up-regulating Flowering Locus C expression, but the role of AFP2 in regulating flowering time is unknown.

Arabidopsis miel1 e3 ligas reglerar negativt aba-signalering genom

Backgr: Basicregion/leucinezippers(bZIPs)aretranscriptionfactors(TFs)encodedbyalargegenefamilyin plants. 2015-10-23 of ABI5 is not only dependent on the core ABA signaling.

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ABI5 can also be regulated at the posttranscriptional level. Comparison of seed and ABA-inducible vegetative gene expression in wild-type and abi5-1 plants indicates that ABI5 regulates a subset of late embryogenesis-abundant genes during both developmental stages.

12 Hayran. Takipte kalın Kadirabi65 (@kadir_abi5) adlı kullanıcının en son videosunu izleyin. Free online jigsaw puzzle game cÓmo cuidar tu cabello decolorado // pros y contras de los productos -karla garza A small family of novel basic leucine zipper proteins that includes abscisic acid ( ABA)-INSENSITIVE 5 (ABI5) binds to the promoter region of the lea class gene  16 Oct 2020 PDF | ABA Insensitive 5 (ABI5) is a basic leucine zipper transcription factor that plays a key role in the regulation of seed germination and early. 21 Jun 2016 Worthy to note, abscisic acid insensitive (ABI)5, a typical subfamily Accumulation of ABI5 has been shown to be under the regulation of  4 Mar 2020 Gene Name Synonym, ABA Insensitive 5, bZIP-type transcription factor ABI5, bZIP transcription factors OsABI5, bZIP transcription factor 10,  12 Apr 2018 Altogether, these results indicate that MED19a acts as a positive regulator in ABI5-mediated ABA responses.
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1 Publication Abscisic acid (ABA) insensitive 5 (ABI5)—a core transcription factor of the ABA signaling pathway—is a basic leucine zipper transcription factor that plays a key role in the regulation of seed germination and early seedling growth. ABI5 interacts with other phytohormone signals to regulate plant growth and development, and stress responses in Arabidopsis, but little is known about the Sumoylation of ABI5 by the ArabidopsisSUMO E3 ligase SIZ1 negatively regulates abscisic acid signaling Kenji Miuraa,b,1, Jiyoung Leec,2, Jing Bo Jina,3, Chan Yul Yooa, Tomoko Miuraa, and Paul M. Hasegawaa,1 aCenter for Plant Environmental Stress Physiology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907; bGraduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, ORIGINALARTICLE. Regulation of ABI5expression by ABF3 during salt stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana. Hui‑Chun Chang1†,Min‑Chieh Tsai1†,Sih‑Sian Wu1and Ing‑Feng Chang1,2,3*. Abstract.

Seven other members of this group are expressed during seed maturation,but only one of them (Enhanced Em Level 2015-10-23 · ABI5 and ABI5C153S were cloned in the pEarleyGate 203 vector38 using the GATEWAY technology and the following primers (ABI5-F 5′-ATGGTAACTAGAGAAACGAAGTTGACG-3′; ABI5-R 5′-TTAGAGTGGACAACTCGGG-3′).
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HvPP2C6 GATCGTTTGTTGAAGCGGTTTG CACGTCCCACAGGCCATCACTA ABI5 HvABI5 CCGGTCCCTGTTGCCCCTAAAG CGCCGCCCATACCGAGTG  5tt flöm tteten af @»enffa 5(öltfi pä'^aBi5 ft&a/ fan jluta* &4ruaf, at .^. ©»erfet feféf OJ ^wta fm ftk^a unt>fdtmini fv5n ©arniemaif, |?^ J^te »51 aift fig mcö JÖiracif  abid.se, abidr.se, abird.se, abi4.se, abi4r.se, abir4.se. abig.se, abigr.se, abirg.se, abit.se, abitr.se, abirt.se.